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Bangalore to Mysore

Motorcycling from Bangalore to Mysore does not require much planning. All you have to do is make up your mind, start your bike and get set go.

While you ride to Mysuru, any day of the week, you will come across bikers riding solo or in a group. Do not be surprised if you find a couple with two children in a bike. I did found so many of them.

Friday evening seems to be the perfect time to set off to Mysuru. After office hours (if required). This is good especially for those who have to report to their office Monday morning. The plan is to ease the buttocks that is sure going to pain during the entire biking journey.

The Night Ride

Bangalore to Mysore in Bullet 350
Bangalore to Mysore in Bullet 350

Riding after dark does not offer much sightseeing except the fun of riding itself and some relaxation in your choice of refreshing joints, which are in abundance in the Bengaluru-Mysore highway.

Friday means, people like you and me, have packed their backpacks and have hit the road already. For sure, the highway is choked!

Using our common sense and to be an intelligent rider is the need of the hour. Because you cannot trust the truck drivers and other public transports and sometimes even the fellow bikers.

Driving for long hours seems to be a bad idea. Many of them do this mistake and end up taking stress all over.

The Vibration

After non-stop 100 kms in my Bullet 350, when I got down for a tea break, my hands were vibrating as if I was still holding the handlebar. The feeling was not good, especially while holding a glass of tea. The lesson learnt here is to take frequent breaks. Good for you and for the motorcycle.

If you are wondering where to stop? There are so many shops en-route. However, only few of them offer beautiful view of the highway (from a safe distance of course).

For a soul craving for non-vegetarian food, there are a dozen (popular) restaurants offering their best foods. How about KFC, McDonalds, or Empire Restaurant? Plane a dinner on the highway or hit your destination for a drink. Do not drink and ride.

Drunken driving is normally not safe. If you drink and luckily make up to the destination, the Mysuru police uncle in white uniform will ask you to blow (in the alcohol level tester). It is up to you to handle the situation.


Mysuru is a popular tourist destination. The major attraction being the Mysuru Palace, the zoo garden and the Chamundi Hills. There are more to see, all you require is a lot of time. Note that the city is crowded during the weekends.

During Saturday’s incoming traffic to Mysore is more when compared to the outgoing traffic. I was in no hurry though. How about a visit to Srirangapatna?


The historical town of Srirangapatna is about 14 kms from Mysore towards Bangalore. Few hours are not enough to explore the town that was once the base of the 17th century ruler Tipu Sultan.

The photograph below is one of the many armouries built by Tipu Sultan. An American company is helping to move this from its current location to make way for new rail line connectivity. It is a 13 crore project, just to move 100 meters from its current location.

Shifting Tipu Armoury

Tipu Sultan Armoury
Tipu Sultan armory shifted from current location

The temples of Srirangapatna are very popular. If you are planning for a temple visit, check for the timings and visit accordingly. There are so many things to see in this historical town. As I said earlier, you have to spare some time and patience to explore.

Water Gate Srirangapatna

Water Gate Srirangapatna
Water Gate Srirangapatna

Not far away from the temple is the Water Gate, as old as Tipu Sultan era. This is where people used to get in to fetch water from the river. This location has seen the greatest war between Tipu Sultan and the British soldiers.

Death Place of Tipu Sultan

Tipu Sultan Death Place
Tipu Sultan Death Place

A little farther from the Water Gate is the death place of Tipu Sultan. Tipu lost his life here defending his territory from the British during the Fourth Anglo Mysore War.

Considering the average speed of a motorcycle, especially the Royal Enfield Bullet 350, it is still three hours from here to Bengaluru. It is now time to hit the highway.

Fighting De-hydration

Somewhere near Mandya, you will come across shops selling tender coconuts. Try it. Good for hydration. Stop near diary as you reach Maddur. The diary offers many milk products from ready to drink shakes to ice creams. Try anything here. These are the best things you can have while riding long distances. They are soft on your purse too.

The real stress is when you enter the Bengaluru city and until you reach home.

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