Rajyarani Express Bengaluru to Mysuru

Bengaluru to Mysuru

Rajyarani Express
Rajyarani Express leaves Bengaluru at 10.30 am to Mysuru

A train journey is beautiful; when you travel during the weekdays. I would not and will never advice anybody to go by train during the weekends, especially in unreserved classes. However, travelling by Shatabdi-Express is a different story.

During my tenure in Hewlett Packard, I travelled to Mysuru every weekend and return to Bengaluru by Monday noon to hit the nightshift. Train journey was the most preferred provided I was able to board the first train early in the morning when the crowd was less.

Rajyarani Express
Rajyarani Express – a shot from the train

Travelling by train is not only economical but also comfortable. About a million people travel between these two cities during the weekends and the trains go full packed. Forget the seats; you will not even get space to stand.

However, during the weekdays, it is a different story.

Last Friday, the Ola app did not show any cabs nearby. The cabbies went on strike and they are still off-roads. The autowalas were doing good business now. Thanks to the app, the autowalas did not charge more than what the app showed.

We reached Bengaluru railway station in time, the Rajyarani Express was readily waiting for us with not much people travelling to the city of palace – Mysuru.

The train fare from Bengaluru to Mysore was three fourth, the auto fair we paid from our home to the railway station (Auto Rs. 150, Train Rs. 60)

Luckily, there were hell lot of seats available but we were still thinking which one to take. Humans!

The train started exactly at 10.30 am from Bengaluru and reached Mysuru by 1.30 pm. This three hours journey was a sheer pleasure with my family.

If you are a foodie and do not mind eating junk food sold in the train, you can keep grinding until your destination arrives. For those from outside India, I would not suggest buying oil-fried foods sold in the train as it might upset the stomach (if you are not used to it).

When you travel in train from Bengaluru to Mysuru, you can witness various aspects of the State. Right from urbanization to traditional agricultural systems and of course some historical monuments.

Varuna Canal near Mysuru
Varuna Canal near Mysuru

To start with, you will come across ultra-modern high risers and within no time will stumble upon slums. In most of the journey time, the train runs parallel to the Bengaluru-Mysuru highway where you get to see high-end cars zoom past.

Bullock Kart Karnataka
Sugarcane being transported in a bullock kart

Within no time, the train passes through the agriculture fields were you can witness varieties of plantations and lush greeneries. As you start smelling jaggery (sugarcane product), you are for sure near the sugar city – Mandya.

In a few moment, you will see some historical structures and temples. You are in Srirangapatna! Most of the trains stop here for a while to leave way for fast moving Shatabdi-Express, which runs from Chennai to Mysuru.

baggage Mysore Railway
Lakshitha posing in front of huge pile of baggage.

As train enters Mysuru, you will witness everything in reverse order. Starting from agriculture fields, rapid urbanization and finally the Mysuru Railway Station which itself is a heritage building.

Train journey for pleasure requires planning!

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