Bangalore to Mysore on Motorcycle

It was 3 pm Saturday and so boring the day was; that I kick started my Bullet 350RE and headed to Mysore. It was an unplanned and unprepared ride. I was in my relative’s house in Indiranagar. I had no jacket, no shoe and no glows. Even the helmet was not a full covered one. I started my ride with just one borrowed pull over.

Bullet 350 Silver
Riding Royal Enfield Bullet 350 near Bidadi

The vehicular traffic in Bengaluru is unpredictable. Even on Saturdays, so many vehicles were lined up in all the signals I had to cross. It took more than 30 minutes to hit the Vittal Mallya road to fuel my motorcycle at Shell station (my regular fuel station).

The ride was uncomfortable until I hit the state highway. It is not pleasant to operate clutch and brakes every other second, especially on the Royal Enfield Bullets.

The fun of motorcycle ride slowly started as the traffic gradually decreased. It was a first long distance ride in this bull. The motorcycle fun did not last long as my palms were becoming wet and started absorbing all the dirt. I realized that I did not put the additional grip covers and got to know the importance of  riding glows.

For long rides like this, a full covered quality helmet is very important. The helmet I was wearing was not a full covered one. Though branded and of good quality, the half helmets are not suitable for highway rides. My eyes were red as drunken when I reached home in Mysore.

The Bullet 350RE cruised well at around 70-80 kms speed range and anything above that was literally electrifying. It vibrated a lot. I somehow managed to touch the 100 kms per hour for a minute or two. The motorcycle hinted me that above 100 kmph will remain a dream. More than decade ago, in the same road, I did 115 km/h in my Yamaha RX 135.

The Royal Enfield motorcycles are not for super speeds. If speed is what matters, the Suzuki Shogun will really kiss the back of Duke 200. Why I am mentioning Suzuki Shogun here? No matter, they are still available in the second hand motorcycle market for less than 10k. The Enfield’s are for the pleasure of ride and road presence. It is a cult motorcycle and the Indian’s respect it a lot.

Though not tired yet, I gave a stop near Bidadi and my next stop was after two hours near Srirangapatna. I clicked this photograph of herds of sheep on the highway near Srirangapatna. I guess there were little more than thousand sheep. Imagine the same situation in Bengaluru’s busy junctions. How about Vittal Mallya Road?

Heards of Sheep
Herds of Sheep on Highway – Srirangapatna

By about 7 pm I was in my Mysore home. I did not inform my parents and they were like, what the hell I was doing there. Of course, they were happy.

Capsicum Plants
Capsicum Plants

Sunday morning, I got a chance to visit capsicum farm nearby, about 12 kms towards H D Kote road. Thanks to my brother who suggested this. The capsicum plantation were inside a poly-house built in less than half an acre of land. This visit was very interesting and educative as I was seeing the capsicum plantation for the first time. The ride was really worth it.

Capsicum Plantation
Capsicum Plantation

After lunch, I packed some stuffs for Bengaluru home and kick started my motorcycle at about 1.30 pm. I stopped at Maddur Dairy for some refreshments.

One advantage of a solo ride is that you need not worry about your fellow motorcyclist. However, the disadvantages are many. Thankfully, there was none in this ride.

As I neared Bengaluru, somewhere near Kengeri, there was a slow movement of vehicles. I noticed one tempo traveller parked on the divider and slightly damaged. There was a mini truck on the other side of the road, which hit an electric pole.

Mishap Bangalore Mysore Highway
Mishap in Bangalore Mysore Highway

People had gathered near the mini truck surrounding a lifeless person down. The person was attending a nature’s call when the mini truck hit him and he was dead on the spot. I guess one of these two truck would have goofed up. A bystander said that the driver of the tempo traveller was a novice.

After a while, I started my journey towards Bengaluru gracefully facing the traffic nightmare. I was at home by 5 pm and hit the bed early without the need of alcohol.

Additional Information

Mysore – the city of palaces

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