The Old Building in Mysore

Century Old Building in JP Nagar Mysuru

While driving around J P Nagar in Mysuru, we came across this century old building. My brother and I became so interested on it that we stopped the car for couple of photographs, and gather some information if possible.

Old Bungalow Mysore
The old building is clearly visible from the road.

The building was clearly visibly from the road. In fact, it was very close to the road where we parked our car. As we got down, we noticed no new structures on either sides.

On one side of the road was this beautiful old structure and on the other side was the small broken structure that was supposedly a horse stud.

Old House Mysore
Rear portion of the building

As we walked towards the building, we could see some people loitering around it. The first man we spoke to was relaxing in front of a big wooden door, smoking blissfully.

However, he was of no help to us, as he knew nothing about the building. He suggested that we wait until the security guard comes.

Wooden Doors
Huge wooden doors

Besides the building was auto rickshaw and three to four men loitering. They all seemed to be drunk; one of them was shaking his hips and sometimes his head to the front and back. He was too drunk.

Our situation asked to crack a conversation with them just like a locals. If we ignore them, they will not ignore us. The idea is not to look like a tourist.

Bungalow Mysore
Opposite to the building is the broken horse stud

Though we are not tourists, we cannot judge their perception. Especially drunken group is more dangerous. They would even think that we are going to purchase this bungalow and that we have loads of money.

In any given place, the foreigners visiting the remote places are at high risk. Sometimes they are ragged and even harassed. However, this is entirely a different topic now!

During our conversation, one person stated that this structure belongs to Tipu’s time. The other person told it belonged to Tipu’s Diwan Purnaiah. Yet another person stated that the building belonged to the Maharaja of Mysore. However, all were wrong.

Old Building Mysore
Building more than century old

An elderly person clarified that the building belonged to Urs family and is been abandoned from many years. In fact, the Urs (Arsu) family owned many acres of land surrounding this building, which the State government took over gradually.

That is the information we collected. There is nothing about it in the internet. I guess, my post will be the first one about the abandoned structure in J P Nagar, Mysuru 🙂

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