I saw loads of mussels

Cycling during our stay in the Lemon Tree Lake Resort (Vembanad) was un-planned. Thanks to our group who were still sleeping at 7am and my only option left was to explore the surroundings all alone. Luckily, there were cycles and the staff suggested that I go cycling outside the property.

Wooden Boat
Boats used to fish mussels

Once out of the gate, I was in a dilemma whether to take a left or right turn. Since we come from the other route, I chose left. As I took a turn, I stumbled upon a fisher boat slowing down just opposite to me. Towards the right, I saw a woman heating the mussels in a large container.

Heating Mussels
Heating the mussels.

After locking the boat to the pole, the fisherman got down and started transferring his prized catch, loads of mussels towards the woman.

The woman was heating up the mussels to separate the flesh and the shell. They throw away the shells and sell the flesh to the restaurants and households. Mussels is an excellent food when prepared well.

Transferring mussels to the container

I had never come across this sight before…

After spending some time there, I peddled towards the opposite direction. The bicycle was cruising so smoothly that there was no sign of tiredness in me. Anybody would push more in this kind of environment with greeneries everywhere, with slight drizzling and no vehicles around, not even a single two-wheeler.

Saravana Kumar
Saravana Kumar

This is the kind of place for peaceful and healthy living. But our commitments, emotions and relations will never let us to move out from the concrete jungle.

Well, if you want to improve your general knowledge about Mussels – Wikipedia

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