Free Ayurveda Mysore

Free Ayurveda Consultancy Mysore

Ayurveda is growing not only parallel to the English medicine but also as a primary source of treatment for many ailments. This was evident when I visited an Ayurvedic center in Mysore.

We waited for more than two hours for 5-minute consultancy. Being Sunday and holiday on Monday (Indian Independence Day), there was a huge crowd standing in an un-organized line.

During our wait, we came across a notice board stating that consultancy was free here. Wow, it is free! Therefore, the crowd.

Finally, we were in front the Ayurvedic doc. After hearing out the health issue, the doc checked the pulse, prescribed some Ayurvedic tonics, and suggested to avoid English medicines completely.

Medicines are not free and their prizes are at par with the regular medicines. Will Ayurvedic medicines be as effective as the English medicines?

For those who want to try out – below is the address.

Mysore Ayurvedic Centre – Address

Vaidyarathnam Oushadashala – No-15, 1st Floor, K G Koppal, New Kantharaja Urs Road, Mysore – 570 014. (Very near to Apollo Hospital)

Ayurveda Syrup for indigestion

This post may benefit for those living in or near Mysore city willing to avail Ayurvedic treatment. You may want to read about Ayurveda.

One thought on “Free Ayurveda Mysore

  1. I was in mysore on 14th Aug, 2016. I rode from Ernakulam to bandipur and from there to Mysore on 13th. On 14th visited Ranganathittu and halted at Hasanur on 14th. On 15th we rode home t ernakulam via satyamangalam, Coimbatore, palakkad….

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