Lemon Tree Vembanad Lake Resort

Resort Experience in Alleppey – Lemon Tree Vembanad

If you are planning for a vacation in Alleppey, consider staying in Lemon Tree Vembanad Lake Resort. Not because I own it or somebody have paid me to promote it, but because you will like it.

Lemon Tree Resort Alleppey
Lemon Tree – Vembanad Lake Resort – Alleppey

The Lemon Tree isn’t that big but why should I be bothered about its size when there is enough space to walk around, do cycling, ample space to park your car and lot more other facilities like indoor games, body massages etc.

For a traveller like me, the Lemon Tree will look no different from any other resort of its standards. Yet, there is something special about this lake resort. Read on.

The first thing to notice is the infinite pool. Not all resorts can boast about this setup. The pool here is set up in such a way that if you see it in from certain angle, you will feel that there is no end to the pool.

infinite pool
Children enjoying in the infinite pool

This infinite pool is set up just adjacent to the Vembanad backwaters rendering this beautiful view.

When I stood beside the pool admiring the backwaters, I was lost for a while. The view of small boats, big ships and houseboats sailing just a few yards in front of me was mesmerizing.

Backwaters Pool Houseboat
A view of backwaters, houseboat and swimming pool – Lemon Tree

Even the intermittent rain did not dampen our enjoyment. The large windowpane in the rooms, facing the pool and backwaters, was just perfect to set our mood.

The perfectly furnished rooms with wood and glass will make you stay indoors. I never switched on the LED TV. Why would I do that when I am enjoying the livelier view of the backwaters?

Backwaters Alleppey
A view of backwaters from the room – Lemon Tree Resorts, Alleppey

The Lemon Tree boasts of multi-gym, a body massage service, pool table but I preferred cycling and exploring the neighbourhood. The lush greeneries, chirping sound of birds and occasional drizzling made a perfect blend.

Fish is the most common food available in the coastal regions. The dinner consisted of more than one variety of fish preparation and was part of other authentic Kerala preparations. Though the spreads are not that impressive, the food here is worth trying if you are not a local.

Lake View Resort Alleppey
A view of backwaters from the dining hall

The staffs were very humble and polite. Most of them were trainees in their final year hotel management from various universities.

For me, the Lemon Tree Vembanad Lake Resort in Alleppey is worth one more visit. Hope you enjoyed the photographs here.

Lemon Tree Resort Alleppey
Lemon Tree Resort Alleppey

This resort also maintains a houseboat (some call it as boathouse). I got a chance to get and explore it. The photographs will be in this blog very soon.

You may also have a look at this post for inside photographs of houseboats.


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