La Four Seasons Yercaud

La Four Seasons Resort in Yercaud by Meridian E Villas

Yercaud is one of the beautiful places to be in, especially during the summer. Travelling from Bengaluru to this place is a real fun. It gives a pleasure of driving in a national highway as well as in the ghat roads. Moreover, there are some notable restaurants on the way for the hungry travelers.

La Four Seasons
La Four Seasons

During the holidays, we don’t choose the destination but the destination chooses us is what I feel when the travel App shows “all rooms booked”. We had to book the rooms on La Four Seasons resort in Yercaud four weeks in advance. We did get great offer from MakeMyTrip and the resort review was also good. Our booking was confirmed for Sunday & Monday.

Being at the heart of Bengaluru city, crossing the border of the city consumes half of our total travel time during the weekends and peak hours. We had to leave home by 6.30 am to beat the traffic and in an hour we crossed the Hosur check-post without much traffic trouble.

La Four Seasons
La Four Seasons

Our check-in time in La Four Season resort was at 12 noon and so we had ample time to enjoy the highway. The kids wanted burgers, so we stopped in McDonalds and we made up our mind to have an authentic south Indian breakfast so we again stopped in the famous Saravana Bhavan restaurant in Krishnagiri (Avatanapatti Village, Salem main road). Tip: you should try this restaurant, they serve everything good!

As we reached Yercaud, we had to travel couple of kilometers to reach our destination – La Four Seasons. The resort is on the way to Shevroyan Temple (quite easy to trace). A big arch towards the right, with the resort name welcomed us. As we got into the arch gate, the mobile signals vanished slowly – no calls, no internet, completely isolated for the rest of our stay there.

Meridian E Villas Yercaud
Meridian E Villas Yercaud

We came across the second gate leading to the resort but the vehicles had to be parked outside. The first look inside the resort made us feel that we have hit the right place for the vacation. The staffs were welcoming and friendly. We had to wait for at least 15 minutes for the villas to be allotted to us. The children were already busy in the playing area.

Reclining Sofa
Reclining Sofa

We had booked the deluxe villas with one spacious lounge and master bedroom. The lounge had two reclining sofas and a wall mounted TV.  The master bedroom was perfectly done with all necessary amenities including a wall mounted LED TV and an air conditioner.

Villa Rooms
Resort Villa Rooms

As we checked into the room, we lost no time to change to our swimming costume and headed towards the cold pool. The little ones were already in the children pool which was adjacent to the big one.

Swimming Pool
La Four Pool

In the afternoon, we ordered our lunch to the rooms which took 20 minutes to arrive. The quality of the food was good and reasonably priced too. The resort serves both veg and non-veg foods, probably from two different restaurants setup.

Food Serving
Food at La Four Season

After lunch we spent some time in indoor games room, a perfect place for children. This room was filled with toys for all ages. Elders were enjoying the magnetic dart game, bow & arrow and table tennis.

What we missed in this resort was alcoholic drink. The resort did not have liquor permit and we couldn’t get it outside the resort as it was a dry day in Tamil Nadu (International Labors Day).

Children having fun in front of camp fire
Children having fun in front of camp fire

The children had endless fun there. After the dinner, we all assembled near the pool where campfire was setup. The guest had an option to connect their smart phone to the music system via Bluetooth and play their favorite tracks for which the children were dancing with full vigor.

Unlimited Veg Sandwhich

The entire day passed with great fun and good sleep. The next day, we were welcomed for the complimentary breakfast which consisted of both south Indian and continental with chicken and egg. After a heavy breakfast, I spent some time on the hammocks which was tied to the trees outside the villa. There were many of them!

Vada Buffet
Vada Buffet

As the time neared to check-out, we wished more to stay back which we knew will not happen L We thought of having the lunch there so requested for extension which granted gracefully. It was Monday…

The La Four Seasons Resort Review

The La Four Seasons resort in Yercaud is spread in little more than three acres. The resort is perfectly maintained with loads of trees, plants and grass beds. It is maintained in such a way that even insects and mosquitoes are rare sights. Silver oaks, orange and jackfruit trees are common sight here.

Resort Villas
La Four Season Yercaud

The villas were best in the class. The view of coffee plantations, wild trees and sounds of insects has become rare sight in a place where we live today. We experienced all these from the terrace of the villas.


Unlike any other hill station resort, the La Four Season is spread in an uneven land. While most of us will have no difficulty in walking around, the elderly people may face little challenge to walk towards the play area or to the dining hall. Booking a villa near to these places may help.

Landscapes La Four
La Four Season Yercaud

The property isn’t big but has everything which a resort should have. Be it swimming pool (big & small), children play area (indoor & outdoor), camp fire, music and an artificial waterfall.

Resort Address

La Four Seasons
Meridian E Villas, Manjakuttai Village P.O., Yercaud,
Salem District (on the way to Shevaroyan Temple)
LL: 0427-4552323


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