Celebrating Beer Panchami

Beer Panchami All Summer

In the Indian languages Panchami means 5th Day. There are many festivals celebrated in the name of Panchami, like the Vasanth Panchami which means 5th day after the spring.

Thanks to my friend who shared in WhatsApp how to celebrated Beer Panchami. However, I have made some changes in this post to fit my blog.

On the fifth day of the summer, when the heat of the day becomes unbearable, then it is time to celebrate beer panchami. However, the auspicious time to celebrate this much awaited beer festival is from 6pm to 12am and sometimes it goes on. Those who are born to rich dad and never work can start celebrating before the breakfast.

How to celebrate Beer Panchami? (Beer Festival)

Call all your friends to your home or to any  place where you may feel safe to drink beer. If you sponsor beer to your friends, for the next year you will not see any trouble from your wife.

For those you don’t drink but undergo lots of trouble from his wife, he can just eat snacks but should sponsor 9 beers to his friends to get rid of his wife problem.

Note: People from all religions can celebrate this festival

Method to celebrate Beer Panchami

The ideal time is in the evening, but you can start in the morning as well, it depends upon how you are troubled in life. Whenever you start, take a cool shower, wear comfortable cloths and sit in a cool place (preferably air conditioned).

Play the music you like in a preferred music system. There are so many tracks to choose from to suite your situation.

Ensure all beers are refrigerated. Take only required quantity of beer outside and arrange it neatly on the table.

You may wish to eat something with the beer (when it is too bitter), so arrange for some cashew nuts or you may consider some non-veggies also.

Not everybody knows how to pour the beer in the glass. Be careful while doing it. Make sure you don’t drop even a little foam down because your wife will get angry. Making her unhappy in this auspicious day is forbidden.

An average person drinks three bottles of beer. You can drink to your capacity or until your wife’s face turns red.

Circulate this beer drinking knowledge to your friends and help them to overcome this summer heat.

Disclaimer: This post is only for fun and should not be taken seriously and stop drinking beer after summer.

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