Mysore Dimbam Ghats Ayyampalayam

Ayyampalayam is a small town some thirty kilometers from Dindigal. We travelled from Mysore to Ayyampalayam via Nanjangud and Chamarajanagar route. This route is a single road with varieties of road conditions in offer, it is fun to drive!

The Onti Salaga Truck

Truck Guard
Truck Bumper

We left Mysore late afternoon and reached Nanjangud in about 40 minutes. I was not driving and so was able to capture some interesting photographs.

My first photograph was of the truck with the wordings “Onti Salaga” written in Kannada language at the rear. Onti Salaga in English means “Single Elephant”. The single elephants are believed to be very violent and usually don’t mix with other elephants. In that way, the wordings on the rear of this truck does make sense.

Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva
Giant statue of Lord Shiva

As we neared the Nanjangud Temple, we came across this giant Lord Shiva statue. The photograph was captured from behind, on the go.

Nanjangud Temple

Nanjangud Temple
Nanjangud Temple – less crowded during the weekdays

The Nanjangud Temple seemed to be less crowded, even the streets were with fewer people as it was a weekday. During the weekends, this place is crowded and the temple streets are busy with activities.

The Bannari Ghats

Steep Curve
Bannari Ghat steep curve

I have been travelling through the Bannari Ghats road since childhood. Those days, the roads were narrow and pathetic. It was really challenging to drive in these roads.

The Bannari roads have seen lots of improvements in the recent past. They are wider and without potholes. However, driving in the Bannari Ghats road is not a joke. The driver has to be highly skilled and experienced.

Trucks maneuvering in Bannari Ghats

Light vehicles like cars, jeeps and SUVs will take on this Ghats without any effort. Even the mini trucks will maneuver the hair pin bends with little efforts. But bigger ones like buses and multi-axle vehicles, though powerful enough, require real efforts by the driver to maneuver the curves.

Another image of steep curve in Bannari

To drive in the Bannari Ghats, the driver will require years of driving experience and understanding of the vehicle to tame the hairpin bends. While the expert drivers use their skills to take that dangerous turn, some amateurs overtaking them usually spoil the game.

Satyamangalam Hotel

Kerala Parota
Kerala Parota

We reached Satyamangalam city from Dimbam Ghats in no time. We were there by 5pm and pushed ourselves into a small restaurant “Hotel Annalakshmi”. We ordered for Kerala Parota and Chicken Fry, it was a kind of OK, worth eating once. I would give a point 4/10 to this restaurant. I am not a returning customer to this restaurant anyways.

Making Parota
Preparing Parota – Annalakshmi Hotel (restaurant) Satyamangalam.

I noticed that many restaurants were wrongly termed has hotel here. The word “Hotel” has become common name for all eateries. Forget about lodging, the restaurants don’t even have an attached restroom.

Beautiful Paintings on the Truck

Paintings on Truck
Truck Paintings

Highways are very interesting because different kinds of people in different types of vehicle pass through. I was really impressed with the beautiful artwork and wordings on the rear of this truck. Check out the paintings of ladies and the sceneries.

We reached Ayyampalayam by 11pm. Unfortunately we didn’t get time to explore this beautiful little town as we had come here on some personal work and we were busy in that. We stayed overnight there in my cousin’s house.

Royal Enfield Classic 350

Royal Enfield Classic
Royal Enfield Classic

I got an opportunity to ride my cousins Royal Enfield Classic 350. I made couple of rounds to their coconut farm and godown.

Old Radio

Old Radio National
Old Radio

The radio box manufactured by National EKCO was also captured in their house. I guess it is more than five decades old. It doesn’t even have a FM station.

Thadicombu Temple Dindigal

Thadicombu Temple
Thadicombu Temple

The next day we decided to go to the famous Thadicombu temple near Dindigal and later take a turn to Mysore. The Thadicombu temple is dedicated to Lord Govinda (Thirupathi), devotees from faraway places come here to worship. My parents have been regular to this temple for quite some years.

Pongal (Tamil Nadu Style)


We had our breakfast in Sree Aryaa’s restaurant in Dindigal (NH7, Next to EB Office, ByPass Road). We ordered for Pongal, which is usually the best in the restaurants of Tamil Nadu. However, the one we had here was average and I would give a point of 5/10. It didn’t have ghee in it 😦

Masala Bonda

Masala Bonda
Masala Bonda

The waiter offered us a masala bonda, I was hesitant first but it was awesome. The point for this will be 7/10. I don’t mind returning to this restaurant to try out other dishes 🙂

Mahindra Thar

Mahindra Thar
Mahindra Thar

The Mahindra Thar CRDI Jeep was captured in front of the restaurant. I have special likings for the Jeeps. I feel that these vehicles are easy to maintain in a city like Dindigal than in a place like Chennai or Bengaluru.

The Tender Coconut

Tender Coconut
Sevv Elani – Tender Coconut

On the highway, we came across this differently colored tender coconut. Usually these are green in color but this one is bit different and are known as “sevv elani” in Tamil. It tastes different too, very sweet.

Mushroom Biryani

Mushroom Biryani
Mushroom Biryani

We reached Kangeyam by lunch time. We are regular to Kangeyam’s Gayathri Hotel. It is both veg and non-veg restaurant, I would give a overall rate of 8/10 to this restaurant. We ordered for Mushroom Biryani, it was simply good. The score for this one will be 6/10.

From Kangeyam, we headed straight to Mysore with a tea stop in Bannari Ghats. We were at home by 7pm.

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