Royal Bull Riders B R Hills

Four wheels move the body two wheels move the soul

Mysore to B R Hills with Royal Bull Riders

Saravana Kumar
It;s me – Sarvana Kumar, during a ride with Royal Bull Riders to BR Hills

This was my first ride in a Royal Enfield Bike covering about 300 kms in a day. Three people made this happen to me – all bike freaks and my childhood friends since primary school.

Yellow Cafe Rider
Praveen with his Cafe Rider

Praveen Kumar M G and Naveen are the prominent members of the Royal Bull Riders (Mysore) and Ravi Prasad (Dubai Ravi) breathes Bikes and Jeeps always. Interestingly all are diehard fans of Royal Enfield Bikes.

Guru Naveen
Guru & Naveen after breakfast in Ponappa Restaurant – TN Pura

It was in the Teresian Convent Primary School Re-Union event that we met each other after many years. The Royal Bull Riders invited Ravi and me for a short ride to B R Hills which is about 100 kms from Mysore.

Guru-Srikant-Royal Enfield
Guru-Srikant-Royal Enfield

I don’t own a Royal Enfield and more over I travelled by car to Mysore. But the boys readily agreed to spare a bike to me and the other option was to go pillion with them.

Royal Enfield Dessert Storm
Royal Enfield Dessert Storm

I was reluctant to go but Ravi insisted and promised to lend one of his bikes to me. But unfortunately he did not join us and so I took his Tunderbird 500cc.

On 27th Dec 2015, I joined the Royal Bull Riders at about 7 am. The riders had assembled in a fuel station near Nazarbad Police Station (towards Dairy) waiting for others to join. Most of the bikes there were Dessert Storms and Thunder Birds.

Royal Bull Riders
Royal Bull Riders after Breakfast – TN Pura

The Royal Bull Riders are doing rides since more than four years and they are a brand now. There’s no limit to the team size, sometimes it is as big as 50 bikes and sometimes as less as 10 bikes.

Membership to the Royal Bull Riders is through networking only. They welcome like minded riders with respect to each other and woman.

Pavan Avinash RBR
Pavan Avinash RBR

At about 7.30 am the bullets started thumping with not a single silencer alike, each producing different levels of sound but with a signature Royal Enfield thumping beat. The first timer to the group ride is sure to get goose bumps like I did.

Riding a Royal Enfield bike on a road in the midst of agricultural field is real pleasure. Being in a city like Bengaluru, I hardly get a chance like this. The Mysore – T N Pura road is a real fun to ride, especially the Royal Enfield bikes. I thoroughly enjoyed the Thunder Bird 500, thanks to Ravi again.

The Cafe Rider
The Cafe Rider

My good friends Praveen and Naveen introduced the riding members to me in the fuel station. Praveen was kind enough to tell one of the riders to be behind me during the entire bullet ride as I was first timer. I was very impressed with the coordination the RBRs had during the entire ride.

This bike ride was very essential to me as this brought in some memories. The memories of bikes rides we used to go during our college days, in our Yamaha RX135 bikes.

Vicky, Manju, Pavan & Pradeep
Vicky, Manju, Pavan & Pradeep

The hard hitting cold wind, the thumping sounds, the vibrations and a feeling of riding a Thunder Bird 500 was a sheer pleasure of bike ride.

We stopped for breakfast in T Narasipura (T N Pura) town. The breakfast was another surprise to me. Thanks to Naveen who found out this small restaurant (Ponnappa Restaurant) which served hot  idlis and crispy dosas with butter. The breakfast was really awesome.

Ponappa Restaurant Idli
Ponappa Restaurant Idli

As we neared B R Hills (Biligiriranga Hills) the either side of the roads transformed into plush greeneries. The curvy hilly roads further boosted our desire to ride tuff.

Royal Bull Riders
Praveen (Hunsur), Praveen (Puppi), Avinash, Naveen, Guru, Adarsh & Srikant – BR Hills

In no time we reached the temple site which was little crowded, the day being a Sunday. The B R Hills is a very interesting hill temple and also popular among the locals, you may wish to read about it in Wikipedia.

Pradeep Royal Bull Rider
Some fun during the ride – Pradeep

After spending some time in the temple, we descended in the same zeal without any tiredness. We had our lunch in a resort in Chamarajanagar. After spending sometime there, we hit the road to Mysore. It was about 7 pm when I reached my Mysore home after bidding goodbye to friends.

Pradeep & Sarvana - BR Hills
Pradeep & Sarvana – BR Hills

A memorable ride with Royal Bull Riders!

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