Teresian Convent Mysore Re-Union

Teresian Re-Union 1992-93 Batch

Teresian Selfie
Teresian Students 1992-93 Batch – Selfie

Nothing can beat the happiness and enthusiasm one gets after meeting primary school friends after 22 years. It’s been more than two decades since we passed out of 7th grade and joined different schools to pursue our education. We all met on 26th December 2015 in Mysore city.

Teresian Convent Mysore - 1992-93 Batch Re-Union at Mysore
Teresian Boys exploring the school during the re-union

Nobody from the higher primary school ever imagined that we all will meet one day. Thanks to our good friend Bhaskar who took great efforts to unite us. WhatsApp is a wonderful App without which the re-union would have been little difficult. He created a group about 18 months ago and made everybody admin so that they can add more members from the batch. We are 72 members today and growing.

Teresian Girls
Lunch at Teresian Convent Re-Union in a club in Mysore

Our WhatsApp group became more active after the girls joined in. Thanks to Seema, Keerthana, Sridevi, Dechi, Ashwini, Mamatha and Shynu whose conversation keeps all boys hooked to the phone. Even those who did not responded to the group messages were also hooked to the phone. I could make out with their occasional messages which were more relevant to the group discussions.

The Teresian Re-Union at Mysore

Teresian Students
Teresian Convent Mysore – 1992-93 Batch Re-Union at Mysore

The Teresian Higher Primary School re-Union was not an easy task. By all means it was a toughest task but was executed smoothly by the wonderful Teresianites. Thanks again to Bhaskar and Team who worked towards executing the re-union plan as if they were doing it for their close families.

Bhaskar and Nagaraj
Bhaskar and Nagaraj

Uniting fifty students, teachers, head mistress involves lots of money which was pumped in by Bhaskar. The date was fixed on 26th December 2015. Our first visit was our good old school, the Teresian Convent Mysore.

Teresian Teachers and Students
Teresian Students & Teachers posing for a photograph

As we crossed the school gate and entered the assembly premises, it was like we were going to regular classes. It was a nostalgic moment for all of us and for the teachers who left the school long ago for a carrier growth.

Students Handsup
Students Hands-Up

The obedient students – Suhaas, Keerthana, Bhaskar, Punkaj, Srikanth, Naveen and Chayapathi did a wonderful job inviting our primary school class teachers. The teachers were surprised to see their old students in front of their door steps (after 2 decades).

Teresian Students
Primary School Teachers in the first bench

At the school, every one of us re-visited our classrooms. I was a last bencher then and during the re-union too. I sat with Ravi Gowda, Sadakath Ulla and Venkatraman who were supposedly last benchers during the school days.

Teresian Mates
Ravi (Dubai), Naveen & Valliappan

Ravi, Naveen and Valliappan posing for a photograph

Teresian Boy Students
From left, Rashwin, Suhaas, Sadakath, Pankaj, Yogesh and ilias

We banged the tables, shouted, teased each other, and the teachers were scolding us, shouting and warning. A perfect scene of school days recreated naturally.  Few boys were standing on the table, shouting and whistling and doing all kinds of mischiefs. For moment I thought why the hell we were doing this when we were kids… The girls did their job, respecting the teachers. They facilitated the head mistress with shawls, garland and gifts.

Head Mistress & Principals
Head Mistress & Principals

After spending some time in the school, we moved to the club near mall of Mysore. Thanks to Ashwin who booked the club. Cabs were arranged for the teachers so that they can join us in the club. Nagaraj came up with a unique idea of candy stalls with varieties of candies which we used to buy during our school days. Churmuri, a favorite snack during our school days was also a part of our re-union.

Teresian Teachers
Teresian Primary School Teachers

By the time we arrived at the club, our group photo captured in the school was ready with a frame. That was really fast, Nagaraj’s idea again. All arrangements were overseen by Bhaskar, Suhaas, Keerthana, Seema, Nagaraj, Srikanth and Ashwin. Praveen and Chayapathi also played an active part in finalizing things.

Students with Head Mistress
The Head Mistress talking to the students

Velliappan came with an idea of distributing key chains with our school logo and name to everybody attending the re-union.

Sweets & Candies
Sweets & Candies

Candies and Sweets we used enjoy during our childhood days. These sweets were sold near the school gates during our days in school.

Shooting the culprit :-)
Shooting the culprit 🙂

Heart touching speeches was given by teachers and students alike – Seema, Varun, Nagaraj and Praveen were also among them. Loads of selfies were taken, photos and videos were captured.

Teresianites Selfie
Teresianites Selfie

We all felt at home, everyone spoke to everybody. Some were forgotten, some were remembered but self introduction with some flash backs brought the spark. There was no hesitations, everybody greeted and wished each other making everyone comfortable. The primary school class mates took time and travelled from far away distances to be in this wonderful re-union.

Friends saluting Bhaskar
Friends saluting Bhaskar

Friends appreciating Bhaskar for his initiatives. He was first person behind the Teresian Convent Re-Union.

Hugging each other
Hugging each other

It was like an old family found after two decades. There were smiles, cries, expressions all filled with emotions. We were so attached to each other; it was like a secret family and a feeling of oneness. Really a nostalgic day!

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