Chennai Restaurant – Sri Ranga Bhavan

Sri Ranga Bhavan Veg Restaurant

Kal Dosai
Close up image of Kal Dosai

Here are some delicious south Indian food photographs for you. These photographs were taken in Sri Ranga Bhavan restaurant near Chennai.

Sri Ranga Bhavan
Sri Ranga Bhavan

From my experience, I would say that the Sri Ranga Bhavan is one of the good vegetarian restaurants near Chennai. Their banner says Premium Vegetarian Restaurant and they stand by it. The foods were really awesome, especially the Kal Dosai!

Masala Dosa
Waitress serving Masala Dosa

This restaurant is in GST Road, about 55 kms from Chennai. We were travelling to a holy place from Chennai city when we decided to stop here for our breakfast. It took more than an hour to reach this restaurant from city center.

We had a good experience here, be it parking, the restaurant environment, service, food and also the price of food. We ordered masala dosa, poori and kal dosai. The Kal Dosai resembled the set dosa but tasted entirely different.

Kal Dosai Chutney
Kal Dosai with varieties of Chutneys

You should see the varieties of chutnies came with kal dosai. I guess these many varieties of chutnies for dosas (or idly) is served only in Tamil Nadu.

Giant Masala Dosa
Giant Masala Dosa

The big masala dosa may look too much but one can finish it in no time. I am talking about an average person here. The kids may struggle to finish it though.


See the Poori… if you were a dietician, you wouldn’t recommend it. I am talking about the visible oil in the poori (check out the photograph). However, the poori, potato and coconut chutney makes a great combination. If you have a habit of burning calories (I mean exercising) you may try this dish.

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