Hotels in Hospet – The Malligi

Hotel Malligi Hospet – Good Stay

Hotel Malligi
Hotel Malligi

It was during our Hampi tour we stayed in Hotel Malligi, Hospet. We booked our rooms through a third party App which was a great deal. Otherwise also, the room rates in Hotel Malligi are quite affordable. If I am not wrong, the rates started from 2.5k and above.

Hotel Reception
Hotel Reception (Malligi-Hospet)

In the above photograph: Hotel Malligi reception with shops including internet cafe. 

We had a great experience in Malligi. The hotel is a gated property big enough to accommodate large number of tourists. It has ample parking space, a separate dining hall with swimming pool and also a place for display. During our visit we saw all models of Tata cars on display there.

Landscape Hotel Malligi
View from third floor – Hotel Malligi

Beautifully done landscape view from the third floor – Hotel Malligi Hospet

Tata Cars
Tata Cars on Display in Hotel Malligi Hospet

Tata Cars on display in Hotel Malligi

We checked into the hotel late evening. The reception was good, the staffs were very friendly. Our luggage was transported to the room in no time.

The Rooms

Writing Table
Writing Table inside the room

The rooms, I should say, was one of the best when compared with the similar types of hotels. It was perfectly furnished with wardrobes, coat stands, writing tables etc. Even the floors were wooden tiled matching the wooden furniture’s.

The Food

South India Breakfast Menu
South India Breakfast Menu

The first day, we ordered for the north India food like roti, jeera rice and so on which was not only good but priced low, lower than what we paid in Athidhi. I expected the food price to be on the higher side! The breakfast was complimentary, both south Indian and continental were offered.

Inside Hotel Malligi
Inside Hotel Malligi

Hotel Malligi was a great experience to us. I find no reason for not visiting this hotel during my second visit to Hampi.

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