Children’s Day Floral Arrangements Cubbon Park

Decorated Fountain
Decorated Fountain Cubbon Park

The two most happening place in Bangalore is the Cubbon Park and the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. While the Cubbon Park hosts lots of activities like musicals, weekend cycling, children’s day etc., the Lalbagh attracts millions of tourists for the events like annual flower shows, mango mela and a recent International Landscape Festival.

House & Elephants made of colorful capcicums

Capcicum Art
House and Elephants made of colorful capsicums

The about image was captured using Xiaomi Smart Phone. The two elephants and a small house is created using colorful capsicums.

Floral Mangao

Floral Mango
Mango made of flowers

In the about image, the mango is placed on the table. Checkout that the mango is made of marigold flowers and the table using different colored capsicums. 

Plane made out of flowers

Plane made of flower
Plane made of flower

Last Saturday (14th Nov 2015) saw most notable events happening both in Cubbon Park and Lalbagh Botanical Gardens. The International Landscape Fest was held in Lalbagh and at the same day, the Children’s day function was organized in Cubbon Park. But I missed out the event in Cubbon Park.

Apple made of red roses and capcicums

Apple made of Roses
Apple made of Roses

My good friend Mr. Naveen (UBL) was there in the Children’s day festival in Cubbon Park and was kind enough to share some photographs he captured using his smart phone. All of which are published in this post.

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