First restaurant in Hospet

Athidhi Restaurant Hospet
Athidhi Restaurant Hospet

It is really a long drive from Bengaluru to Hospet. Finding a good restaurant had become a challenge as we neared Hospet. We got into Athidhi restaurant just in time, at about 3.45 pm. The restaurant closes at 4 pm; they seemed to turn away the guests who came after 4.

The Long Drive

We had travelled from Bengaluru with a tour plan just decided in the previous night over a drink. If we had not partied that day, we would have missed Hampi for some more years. We had booked the rooms in Hotel Malligi through MakeMyTrip the previous night itself.

Massery Furguson 7250 DI
Truck carrying Massery Furguson 7250 DI

Bangalore to Chitradurga was a superb drive; the roads were excellent up to Chitradurga. The real challenge was to drive from Chitradurga to Hospet. This 140 kms road tested my patience while I overtook the long chassis trucks and suddenly avoiding the oncoming vehicles.

After driving for nearly 7 hours and totally exhausted, I still had some energy left to photograph the food we ordered in the restaurant. I managed to capture the restaurant interior as well.

Our order at Athidhi Restaurant Hospet

Roti at Athidhi Hospet
Roti at Athidhi Hospet

We ordered for roti, paneer butter masala, mushroom mutter masala, jeera rice, and dal fry and I should admit that all of them were good. But the worst part was the restroom which seemed to be ignored a lot.

The Athidhi in Hospet is a medium size restaurant with about 10-12 tables with four chairs each. It is basically a Andhra Style restaurant, and they also mention “Multi Cuisine” in the banner outside the restaurant.

Mushroom Mutter Masala
Mushroom Mutter Masala

Well, our order was of North Indian which was good without any doubt. But it is the restroom in the restaurant which pulls down its grade drastically.

I really appreciate the international chains like McDonalds, KFC and Dominos, the restrooms here are always clean. If the restaurants like Athidhi in Hosptet can maintain a clean toilet, they will pull more crowds, just like the international brands.

Inside Athidhi Restaurant
Inside Athidhi Restaurant

I don’t mind returning to this restaurant to review again, hope the restrooms are kept clean!

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