Bidadi Thatte Idli

When you are en-route in Mysore-Bangalore highway, you will come across many restaurants with the board Bidadi Thatte Idli and may wonder what this idli about?

The Famous Bidadi Thatte Idli

Bidadi Thatte Idli
Bidadi Thatte Idli

The world knows that Idli is a famous Indian breakfast, especially in south India. Unlike any other dish, idly also can be prepared in many ways, designs and varieties. Thatte Idli is one of the varieties where the idli is bigger than the normal size.

While Thatte Idli is available in almost all parts of Karnataka, the Bidadi Thatte Idli is famous for its softness and taste. This idli is usually served with generous butter and one or two varieties of chutney. And it is served hot!

So many restaurants have clustered near Bidadi with the board Bidadi Thatte Idly but not all of them taste same or good for that matter. I have been frequenting to a restaurant on a Mysore-Bangalore highway, in Bidadi, near the police station for many years.

Bidadi Thatte Idli Bangalore
Bidadi Thatte Idli Banglore

As you park your vehicle near the restaurant, immediately a guy comes to your car to take orders. Your order is delivered in no time. A single order may come with two Thatte Idli’s with one Vada which may be heavier on the stomach. I’d order one to go light!

The photographs of Bidadi Thatte Idly was captured in Shivadharshini Restaurant in Bidadi (Mysore-Bangalore Highway)

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