Shiva Lingam – Shri Mahalingeshwara Swami Temple

Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam
Shiva Lingam – Shri Shivlingeshwara Temple Mysore

These two photographs of Shiva Lingam were captured in Shri Mahalingeshwara Swami Temple, Mysore. I was told that this temple in Srirampura, an upcoming area in Mysore city, is more than two centuries old but is less known among the Mysoreans. I am very surprised that this temple is been ignored though this was built by the ruler of Mysore.

The temple was built by the Late Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar during his reign. He reigned the Mysore Kingdom from 1894-1940. The temple is open from 7-9 am and again from 6-7.30 pm. In between, the temple is closed for the visitors.

Shiva Lingam with the Snake Head

Shiva Lingam
Shiva Lingam with Snake Head

The two photographs of Shiva Lingam was captured in the same temple. The Shiva Lingam’s were abandoned near the tree which was in front of the temple.

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