Janatha Hotel Sajjan Rao Circle

South Indian Breakfast at Janatha Hotel

If you are new to Bengaluru, there is a possibility that you wouldn’t know about Janatha Hotel near Sajjan Rao Circle in V. V. Puram. This hotel is well known among old Bengalureans for its delicious breakfast.

Kesari Bath
Delicious Kesari Bath

The Janatha Hotel is very old, probably couple of decades, and nothing seemed to have changed from many years, right from the interiors to the way it is operated. The best part is even the quality and taste of the food has remained the way it was before – tasty.

Here are some photographs of south Indian dish from Janatha Hotel. We happened to try the Rava Dosa and Kesari Bath and both were awesome; no other restaurant can replicate it. Worth a try here!

Rava Dosa Janatha Hotel
The Rava Dosa is the most favorite among visitors

I was told that even the set dosa was good in this hotel. I have planned to try it next time I visit there.

The best time to visit this hotel is for breakfast. The hotel isn’t big but suitable for family. There is no service to the table, they have a self service system, you got to pay and get the food tokens from the cash counter.

Sometimes you may have to wait for the table, there’s a rush during the peak hours. The hotel is just a walk away from Sajjan Rao circle. There is no dedicated parking for your two or four wheels, so you got to hunt for one.

Janatha hotel Sajjan Rao Circle
Janatha Hotel near Sajjan Rao Circle, V V Puram, Bangalore

What’s nearby?

Sajjan Rao Circle in V. V. Puram Bangalore is quite famous for the temples surrounding it.  The Maiya’s restaurant is right in front the circle, the coffee is great there.

I am visiting more restaurants in Bangalore, do follow the tag! If you are a tourists, there are some great place to see. Connect to us in Facebook.

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