Poster: Blockbuster Movie Baahubali

Baahubali breaks all records

Baahubali Movie Poster
Baahubali Movie Poster

The Telugu movie “Baahubali” poster was captured in Bengaluru right in front of Tippu Sultan’s palace. The movie Baahubali is made in multiple Indian languages and is the most expensive Indian movie ever made with a budget of Rs. 250 crore.

It was reported that the money collected in first two days crossed more than 100 crore. Many reports stated that the multilingual movie Baahubali will be a threat other upcoming movies which are scheduled to be released in next couple of weeks. Salman Khan’s Bajrangi is one such movie which is expected to be released in couple of days.

Baahubali Movie Poster
A man walking past Baahubali Poster

The Baahubali movie collected Rs. 45 crore in day one breaking the record setup by Shah Rukh Khan’s 2014 blockbuster movie Happy New Year. The Hindi version of Baahubali made Rs. 5.15 crore on the first day which is believed to be the highest ever for a dubbed movie in India.

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