Gaur-Indian Bison Photographs

Here’s a collection of photographs of Gaurs (Indian Bisons) captured in Mysore zoo. The photographs dates back to 16th June 2013. Photo Courtesy: SaravanaKumar.

Gaur resting in Mysore Zoo
Gaur resting in Mysore Zoo
Bisons - Closeup
Bisons – Closeup

The gaur is so huge and powerful that it has very few natural enemies besides humans. The ones which attacts the gaur, rather the calf, are the powerfuls like tigers and leapords and sometimes the crocodiles when the gaurs are near the water. The tigers have been reported to have killed healthy bulls weighing at least 1000 kg.

Three Gaurs
Three Gaurs together in Mysore zoo

Gaur is also known as Indian Bison

Lonely Gaur
Lonely Gaur

Thanks to Wikipedia for throwing this information – a video of a tiger killing a female gaur was recorded in the Bandipur Tiger Reserve in October 2013. When confronted by a tiger, the adult gaurs often form a circle surrounding the vulnerable young and calves, shielding them from the big cats.

Indian Bison
Gaurs are also known as Indian Bison

Photographs from Mysore Zoo

Photograph of Gaur from the back

As tigers rely on ambush attacts when taking on prey as large as gaur, they will almost always abandon a hunt if detected and met in this manner. A herd of gaur in Malaysia encircled a calf killed by a tiger and prevented it from approaching the carcass.

Gaur with the calf
Gaur with the calf

In Nagarahole National Park, upon sensing a stalking tiger, a herd of gaur walked as a menancing phalanx towards it, forcing the tiger to retreat and abandon the hunt.

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