Shani Temple in Chikka Madure

The Shani temple is one of the important temples among the Hindus. Everybody goes through a certain type of hardship in life. And the Hindus believe that worshiping Shani god will reduce or ward off the sufferings in one’s life, and it does!

Shani Temple
Sri Shanimahatma Swamy Temple – Chikka Madure

The Shani favors immensely at the end

The sufferings can be related to health, finance, work, relationship or anything for that matter. In Hinduism, the Shani God (planet Saturn) is responsible for the negative situations but will favor the affected person immensely at the end. The devotees who worship Shani God will see less of problems during the effected time.

Chikmadure Temple
Chikmadure Shani Temple

Chikka Madure Shani Temple was built by a farmer

Temples dedicated to Lord Shani is found in many places in India. The images in this post are of Shri Shanimahathma Temple situated in a place called Kanaswadi, also known as Chikka Madure. This temple is believed to be built by a local farmer Ganga Hanumaiah. It is about 40 kms from Bangalore and about 18 kms from Nelamangala.

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