Hindu Temple amidst burial ground

Sri Smashanakali Temple is considered to be a powerful temple among the believers. This temple is situated at the center of the Lakshmipuram Graveyard, near Old Madras Road, Bengaluru.

Sri Smashanakali Temple

Sri Smashana Kali Temple2
Sri Smashana Kali Temple

This Hindu temple amidst the graveyard is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess Kali. It’s a small temple with only a face of Goddess Kali and besides it is a sleeping goddess known as “Masani Amman.” There’s one big statue of Kali just outside the temple. There is one temple dedicated to Lord Munishwar (Siva).

Goddess Kali
Sri Smashana Kali Temple amidst the grave yard

All Hindu grave yards I have seen will usually have a small temple dedicated to the Hindu Gods. But I don’t think that devotees freely walk into these grave yards to worship in the temple.

Kali Statue - Bangalore
Kali Statue

But the Sri Smashanakali Temple in Lakshmipuram grave yard in Bangalore seems to be an exception. I saw so many people coming into this grave yard to worship the powerful Kali temple.

Hijras remove evil eyes in the temple premises.

In the main temple, an old lady was tying talisman to the devotees and a black thread on their leg (if they wish) to ward off the evil eyes. (Rs. 20 per talisman/thread)

Grave Yard
Grave Yard

There were all kinds of people, youngsters, elders and children who came to worship there. I saw some children playing around the nearby graves.

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