Jan 2015 Lalbagh Flower Show

The bi-annual flower show in Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Bengaluru, attracts thousands of tourists from across the world.

The Flower Show during January 2015

Red Fort - Floral Replica
Replica of Red Fort in Lalbagh Flower Show.

The Lalbagh Botanical Gardens is one of the biggest in Bangalore, the other being the Cubbon Park.

The bi-annual flower shows are conducted in Lalbagh gardens, one during the Indian Independence Day celebration and another during the Indian Republic Day.

India Gate
India Gate – Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Bangalore

Last January, the theme of the flower show was the Red Fort and the India Gate. Both were created with millions of Dutch roses. The flower show went on for more than two weeks and most of the roses had to be replaced with the fresh ones.

Victoria Statue
Queen Victoria Statue – Plaster of Paris

Other highlights were the Statue of Liberty & the Statue of Lady Justice, both made with Plaster of Paris. The show was filled with people, most of the tourists were from across India and from other countries. There were stalls selling flowers, plants and handicrafts.

Indian National Flag
Indian National Flag made out of Grain
Camera Man
Camera Man – capturing the flower show moment.

There were media busy capturing the events. Even the public captured millions of photographs using their smartphones, tabs and cameras.

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