The tailless Zebra

Where is Zebra’s tail?

It all happened in Bannerghatta Biological Park, Bengaluru. I photographed so many animals there, both in Zoo as well as in the Safari. At home, when I was going through the photographs, I found this photo of tailless zebra and was taken aback. Where is its tail? What have they done to the Zebra?

Tail Less Zebra
Tail Less Zebra – Bannerghatt Biological Park, Bengaluru

Only after seeing the second photograph, I realized that zebra was shaking its tail and I took its photograph when its tail was making rounds on the other side.

Indian Zebra
Zebra – Bannerghatta Biological Park, Bengaluru

And the above photograph confirms that the zebra’s tail is intact and very much a part of it.

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