Touching the butterfly on the mango

The butterfly on the mango

Touching the butterfly isn’t a good idea. Believe me; we didn’t harm the butterfly which was resting on the mango. As the fingers neared the butterfly, it didn’t fly away, it was right there. May be it was not well and had no strength to fly away. The butterfly was not touched and left free.

Touching Butterfly on Mango
Touching Butterfly on Mango

The above photograph was captured in Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Bangalore during Mango & Jackfruit Fair conducted in the month of May-June 2015.

It was the mango season, and during every mango season, there’s a Mango Fair conducted in Lalbagh Gardens. As usual, lots of people witnessed the event. The mango traders were selling organic mangoes there which saw many takers. Believe me there were more than 10 varieties of mangoes on sale and about 50 varieties of mangoes on display.

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