Boy Posing Maan Karate Style

Maan Karate Style

Boy Model
Boy Mode – Posing Maan Karate

I was passing by in Wheeler’s road in Bangalore when I came across this boy. He saw me with the camera and offered to pose “Maan Karate Style” if I take a photograph of him. “Maan” in Tamil language means “Deer” and Karate, of course everybody knows.

Happy Days
Happy Days

I agreed to him and started photographing and the posing never stopped!

A Tamil movie by name “Maan Karate” released recently in which the protagonist often does this style. Looks like these children became fan of the emerging hero.

Best Friends
Best Friends

It was very interesting to see the children volunteering to pose. I liked their attitude, they will win. Actually I compared them with me, I was never like them, I was shy and laidback.

After the first one posed, more children joined him and started posing. Ok, even the friend’s count, it depends upon what kind of friends you have.

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